Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Power of Facebook for MLM Marketing!

Facebook is all about "Numbers" and how you work them to your advantage! For example, here is the Black Diamond Leader and top income earner for #ShoppingSherlock Chuck Williams personal page showing some of his friends.

As you see Willie Davis, top Diamond in the Philippines has 881 friends, Kyle Freeman ( P Can Tan) has 494 friends, Affiliates John Arting has 2,796 friends and Stella Sorbito has 969 friends. Kyle has a Fan Page I set-up for him JUICE Marketing and his page has over 4,000 "likes" as you see here;

The Facebook Group I set-up that has many of the Leaders in #ShoppingSherlock as Members has over 8,000 Members;



Since Facebook limits the number of people who sees your posts on personal and fan pages and requires you to "Boost Post" to gain more views, the most powerful option is to own a Facebook Group because each Member will get each feed depending on their settings.

Now the "Boost Post" option on your personal and fan pages is very powerful and can get you more followers as well as access to new people who may want to act on the information you share! Facebook also offers services to promote your app and you can learn more here;


Here are three things you can do today using Facebook;

1. Set-up a Facebook Group and Invite your Friends, then use a reputable service on sites like Fiverr to add Real Members to your Group fast! Share rich content and avoid sharing the same links repeatedly.

2. Set-up a Facebook Business or Fan Page and add real Likes by liking other pages, inviting people and using your other social media profiles to promote your Facebook Page. You can also use Fiverr to add real Likes from real people to boost your exposure. On certain posts you post to your page pay Facebook to "Boost Post" and you can spend as little as $10 to do this or more based on your budget.

3. Be active on your personal, business/fan and group Facebook pages and cross promote others. Use your best judgment however if you over push your business you will have people leave. Share information you think people will like to read. Also join other Groups on Facebook and share your links on them, but there again do not over promote and do not share the same content over and over.

I offer services to help you promote your #ShoppingSherlock or any other business. See this Custom WordPress site I created for Kyle Freeman and notice the social media icons to the right of the page as clickable redirects;


Also see the flyer I created and use for my own business!

You can also see my own WordPress site for my Shopping Sherlock business at;


I promote my #ShoppingSherlock business by creatively sharing my link online and through videos I create;


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Friday, November 20, 2015

Are you considering joining Shopping Sherlock?

Please take a few minutes and watch the videos on my #ShoppingSherlock site;


Here is a new version of my marketing flyer;

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Thursday, November 12, 2015

Join My Shopping Sherlock Team

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I am going to share videos that talk about my journey with Shopping Sherlock;

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